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Any experiences?
« on: February 18, 2010, 09:35:57 AM »
I ride '78. V35 military, like it every bit, but it created a desire for more...

Since i'd like to stick to the small block (and yet have more), and my prime goal is a comfortable touring, Nevada seems to be an obvious choice, but I didn't have a chance to actually try one yet.
And I could not help noticing that Nevada ISN'T very often topic on forums... almost like a relative we don't mention outside the family... so I'd appreciate personal experiences.

I'd slightly modify it's appearance, into something like scaled down Cali Jackal, which leads me to next few issues:
could the tank & mudguards be replaced with ones from old V35-V75 Custom, without need for major modifications, 'cos it's practically the same old Tonti frame?
I saw some (dimmed) pics of Nevadas for Cuban police; they are equipped with footboards (yes!), and it seemed that they actually had rocker gearshift (... slobber...)!
Anybody knows how could that be mounted on small block; looking into mine, I can't even imagine the way to do it.

Live long & prosper

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