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New Cali 1400 Touring owner
« on: June 25, 2014, 03:07:18 PM »
OK One more newby 1400 owner here.  Picked up the Black Touring model in late April and am absolutely LOVING it!!
Mine is a bit different from any others I have seen:
1. Black wheels and mirrors off of the Custom model.
2. Black bar option
3. Passenger footboard kit (for her)
4. 60 liter top case (also for her)
5. Pazzo brake and clutch levers
6. Carbon fiber FI covers from AF1 Racing, Austin TX
7. Upgrade to DP HH+ front and DP GG rear stintered brake pads (MUCH better bite and cleaner wheels)

After moving to Sport Tourers from HD about 8 years ago, the Cali has made the transition back to cruisers completely enjoyable.  I was worried that I woould have to endure the "all torque and no HP", poor handling and sad brakes of most cruisers again.  But the Guzzi engine, and chassis had made that worry disappear.
Is it
The seat while very good is a bit too soft and unsuportive for my personal taste (and butt).  Much more than 300 miles and I need a significant break.
The rear a little damping (compression AND rebound) too much to ask?  Aparantly Guzzi thinks so, at least as far as we Touring riders are concerned.  This is aparantly not an issue for the Custom owners...
How about a nice menacing rumble from the pipes.  Nothing obnoxious, just something meaner sounding than a Vespa...without having to cough up an additional $1000-$1300.00USD??
And who the hell designed the heel shifter?  Problem solved by REMOVING it.

All in all I am super happy with the new Cali1400 and so is my wife.  If she is comfortable, usually all is right in the touring world.
Ride Safe!

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