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griso noise
« on: February 25, 2013, 02:20:49 PM »
Hi Chaps

Just to introduce myself as I am new to forum, have just bought a 2008 Griso 2v in good condition.
Have owned one before and have gone full circle through a few other bikes and back again!.

The bike has done only 3k, has had 2 owners, first 2 services by guzzi dealers. it is in excellent condition rides well, engine, gearbox ,chassis and brakes fine. Buuuuut.... at tickover ie 1100-1200 rpm there is a sort of light knock coming from the gearbox , I honed in with the old screw driver to the ear trick, not  really heavy but noticable sort of in time with the beat of the motor if you see what I mean. Noise goes when you raise revs to about 1500rpm. I wondered if out of balance throttle bodies could accentuate this?
Was told by the mechanic at selling dealers when i asked that Guzzis can be a bit mechanically noisy and can differ from bike to bike. He said was prob backlash in gears. He was not a Guzzi mechainic although seemed fairly clued up generally.
I cant remember a noise like that on my last one and am a bit worried. Im pleased with the bike and really want it to be ok as I intend on keeping for a while.
Any ideas comments?

Cheer Spyke
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